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NPA Western New York

Board Descriptions



Presides at all meetings. Serves as an ex-officio member of all committees except that of the nominating committee. Appoints committee chairpersons.


President Elect

Performs the duties of the president in his/her absence. Performs any duties as designated by the president and/or the executive committee.



Serves as a consultant to the president and executive committee in the year following his/her term of office. Performs any duties as designated by the president and/or the executive committee.


Corresponding Secretary

Notifies all officers and committee chairpersons of their appointment to their respective positions in writing. Is responsible for all external correspondence of the association.


Recording Secretary

Records and keeps minutes of the meetings. Preserves papers and transactions of the association. Keeps a file of the members achievements, awards and honors.



Provides for the expenditure of funds. Keeps an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements. Maintains custody of all bank materials.



Actively recruits members for the association. Maintains a completed and updated list of all members. Notifies members when their membership has expired.



Keeps members informed of proposed local, state and federal legislation. Coordinates local members lobbying activities in conjunction with NYSCONP, Inc. Serves as a liaison with NYSCONP, Inc.


Public Relations

Acts to enhance the public understanding of the role of the nurse practitioner. Utilizes all available opportunities to promote public understanding of the role. Advertises general membership meetings to potential members.



Is elected by secret ballot at the same time that the officers are elected. Prepares a slate of the names submitted by the members. Provides nominees with by-laws so they will be familiar with the responsibilities of the office.



Is responsible for administering the awards for NP of the year and student NP of the year. Develops criteria to evaluate the candidate’s qualifications and conducts the process by which the awards recipients are selected. Presents the awards for the NP and student NP of the year annually at the at the May membership meeting.


Continuing Education

Assesses education interests of members. Plans programs of continuing education for all members. Arranges for members to receive CEU’s for educational programs presented by the association.


Communication & Advocacy

Oversees development and maintenance of the chapter website. Provides information to members regarding NP career opportunities. Contributes to the newsletter subcommittee.



Reviews the constitution and by-laws for reaffirmation or amendment. Suggests and receives all proposed amendments to the by-laws.